World cup Schedule Bangladesh time

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World cup Schedule Bangladesh time

[Fifa World Cup Football 2014]

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Brazil Spain Colombia Uruguay
Mexico Chile Greece Italy
Croatia Netherlands Côte d’Ivoire England
Cameroon Australia Japan Costa Rica
Group E Group F Group G Group H
Switzerland Argentina Germany Belgium
France Bosnia-Herzegovina Portugal Russia
Ecuador Iran USA Algeria
Honduras Nigeria Ghana Korea Republic
Bangladesh time World cup ScheduleX Fifa World cup Schedule Bangladesh time

Bangladesh time World cup Schedule 2014



World cup Schedule Bangladesh time : Group A

Match Date — Time Venue VS
1 13 June 02:00 Sao Paulo Brazil Croa­tia
2 13 June 22:00 Natal Mex­ico Cameroon
17 18 June 01:00 For­t­aleza Brazil Mex­ico
18 19 June 04:00 Man­aus Cameroon Croa­tia
33 24 June 02:00 Brasilia Cameroon Brazil
34 24 June 02:00 Recife Croa­tia Mex­ico

World cup Schedule Bangladesh time : Group B

Match Date — Time Venue Vs
3 14 June 01:00 Sal­vador Spain Nether­lands
4 14 June 04:00 Cuiaba Chile Aus­tralia
19 19 June 01:00 Rio De Janeiro Spain Chile
20 18 June 22:00 Porto Ale­gre Aus­tralia Nether­lands
35 23 June 22:00 Curitiba Aus­tralia Spain
36 23 June 22:00 Sao Paulo Nether­lands Chile

World cup Schedule Bangladesh time : Group C

Match Date — Time Venue Vs
5 14 June 22:00 Belo Hor­i­zonte Colom­bia Greece
6 15 June 07:00 Recife Côte d’Ivoire Japan
21 19 June 22:00 Brasilia Colom­bia Côte d’Ivoire
22 20 June 04:00 Natal Japan Greece
37 25 June 02:00 Cuiaba Japan Colom­bia
38 25 June 02:00 For­t­aleza Greece Côte d’Ivoire

World cup Schedule Bangladesh time : Group D

Match Date — Time Venue Vs
7 15 June 01:00 For­t­aleza Uruguay Costa Rica
8 15 June 04:00 Man­aus Eng­land Italy
23 20 June 01:00 Sao Paulo Uruguay Eng­land
24 20 June 22:00 Recife Italy Costa Rica
39 24 June 22:00 Natal Italy Uruguay
40 24 June 22:00 Belo Hor­i­zonte Costa Rica Eng­land

World cup Schedule Bangladesh time : Group E

Match Date — Time Venue Vs
9 15 June 22:00 Brasilia Switzer­land Ecuador
10 16 June 01:00 Porto Ale­gre France Hon­duras
25 21 June 01:00 Sal­vador Switzer­land France
26 21 June 04:00 Curitiba Hon­duras Ecuador
41 26 June 02:00 Man­aus Hon­duras Switzer­land
42 26 June 02:00 Rio De Janeiro Ecuador France

World cup Schedule Bangladesh time : Group F

Match Date — Time Venue Vs
11 16 June 04:00 Rio De Janeiro Argentina Bosnia and Herzegovina
12 17 June 01:00 Curitiba Iran Nige­ria
27 21 June 22:00 Belo Hor­i­zonte Argentina Iran
28 22 June 04:00 Cuiaba Nige­ria Bosnia and Herzegovina
43 25 June 22:00 Porto Ale­gre Nige­ria Argentina
44 25 June 22:00 Sal­vador Bosnia and Herzegovina Iran

World cup Schedule Bangladesh time : Group G

Match Date — Time Venue Vs
13 16 June 22:00 Sal­vador Ger­many Por­tu­gal
14 17 June 04:00 Natal Ghana USA
29 22 June 01:00 For­t­aleza Ger­many Ghana
30 23 June 04:00 Man­aus USA Por­tu­gal
45 26 June 22:00 Recife USA Ger­many
46 26 June 22:00 Brasilia Por­tu­gal Ghana

World cup Schedule Bangladesh time : Group H

Match Date — Time Venue Vs
15 17 June 22:00 Belo Hor­i­zonte Bel­gium Alge­ria
16 18 June 04:00 Cuiaba Rus­sia Korea Repub­lic
31 22 June 22:00 Rio De Janeiro Bel­gium Rus­sia
32 23 June 01:00 Porto Ale­gre Korea Repub­lic Alge­ria
47 27 June 02:00 Sao Paulo Korea Repub­lic Bel­gium
48 27 June 02:00 Curitiba Alge­ria Rus­sia

World Cup 2014 Football is the most popular game in the world. FIFA Football World Cup, the biggest event this is going to be 2014 today. FIFA Football World Cup 2014 game schedule, so you know the World Cup 014 fixtures gave full play, football, football lovers of the rooms are on a tight tension This Champion will. Only in America, Europe and Africa, but the excitement of the football World Cup is spread in our country with the world. This year’s football World Cup will be held in 014 countries in South America, Brazil. Recipe said Roger Muller in Germany, the Netherlands won the Golden Boot and Golden Ball Messi winning behind I did not have any greatness. I have given it to him to-just for commercial reasons.

The presence of several thousand people died on Jersey took Were present at the airport to welcome the team leaders were Argentina’s President Cristina Dance-sing has enjoyed returning to moment. However, not everyone. Some failed to win this festival scattered Argentine supporters threw bricks and stones are trying to create chaos. Gas to disperse them, and started to cry, said the police reports.

FIFA World Cup  officials suggested, with up to 4 years after the World Cup finals after Argentina Lionel Messi has a big role. Were given into the hands of the Golden Ball. The final match of the Argentine captain, his name was not much to justice. Have lost the opportunity to several goals. Germany won 1-0 through goals in the space of a World Cup.

The Recipe of the TV programs, the country being my trouble. Mario is very sad goal before half. Finals are going to feel a lot of trouble. I was not going to Argentina penalty. Germany striker Argentina defender due to misunderstandings.

The German government has taken special initiative to honor the players. Gorgeous dressed up the road from the airport to the German Football Federation is sorted. Germany in the World Cup final on the airport side of the large parts of the match, has demonstrated significant. Thousands of people were present, almost everyone wearing a jersey of the German national football team. Footballers returned home with their love and warm feelings.

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