Windows 8 Tips, Keyboard Shortcuts & Feature

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Windows 8.1 was released on October 17, 2013; Windows 8.1 is a free upgrade for anyone running Windows 8. This update addresses many of the problems users have had with Windows 8 and also adds a Start button. Here including Available of 137 different languages. ▬ Computer safety Tips, Rules & Health

  • Win key + “C” = Open your Charms
  • Win key + “Z” = Way to your commands for an application
  • Win key + “Tab” = Change to your last application
  • Ctrl key + “+” = Zoom in
  • Ctrl key + “-” = Zoom out
  • Ctrl key + “T” = Show the first application in your taskbar
  • Win key + “E” = Run Explorer on your Desktop
  • Win key + “R” = Execute Run on Desktop
  • Win key + “X” = Open Power User Commands on Desktop
  • Win key + “Tab” = Change to your last application
  • Win key + “B” = Go to first item in System Tray
  • Win key + “U” = Open Ease of Access Center
  • Win key + “P” = Projector or second screen settings.
  • Alt key + F4” = Quit the current Modern/Metro App
  • Alt key + Up Arrow ” = Upper Level (Windows Explorer)
  • Alt key + Right Arrow” = Forward (Windows Explorer)
  • Alt key + Left Arrow ” = Back (Windows Explorer)
  • Alt key + Print Screen ” = Capture the Screen of Current/Selected windows
  • Ctrl key + Shift + Esc ” = Open Task Manager

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Windows 8 Tips, Keyboard Shortcuts & Feature

Windows 8 Tips, Keyboard Shortcuts & Feature

Most popular future in Windows 8: (Computer Technology)

• Press the Windows key to enter the tiled Start screen.
• The Windows key + M minimizes everything that’s showing on the desktop.
• The Windows key + E opens Explorer for quick access to folders.
• On the Start screen, press the Windows key + D to instantly get to the desktop.
• The Windows key + Tab open a list of currently running programs.
• The Windows key + Print Screen takes a screenshot and saves it in a Screenshots folder nested in your Pictures folder.
• To take a screenshot on a Windows 8 tablet, simultaneously press the Windows button and the volume-down button on the tablet chassis.
• The Windows key + Q open a global search menu. Type what you’re looking for and where you would like to look.
• The Windows key + W opens a search in your system settings to quickly locate and change system properties.
• The Windows key + F open a file and folder search.  See more Best Laptop Brands

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windows 10 tips keyboard shortcuts

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