Who views my Facebook profile! 100% & easy 3way,

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Do you know how to find out who views your profile the most on Facebook?
Flowing the below step: 

who has see visit view looking facebook

who has see/ visit/ view/ looking facebook

Who has visited my Facebook profile views?
This is my Facebook profile view, and who happens to have made ​​Recently Facebook profile visit. Please let me know if you have no choice.

Here flow some easy steps:
Step# 01: Log in your Facebook ID.
Step# 02: Press to keyboard [Ctrl +U] for view source code from browser.
Step# 03: Press to keyboard [Ctrl +F]  for search something in page.
Step# 04: Copy from here ” availableCount ”  the orange word.Who views your Facebook
Step# 05: Past the “availableCount” on search field in view source code.

Step# 06: See most viewer Facebook ID.. Under the  ” availableCount ” word in source code window. And copy ID and past www.facebook.com/112345xxx89x  url here.

Who views my Facebook profile!

Who views my Facebook profile!

Without any apps or software or add-ons. You can see the list who is the most show or visit your Facebook account.

2nd way

2nd way Who has visited my Facebook profile views?

There is a method to know. Looking for many people using it, but the Facebook app shows the results are not the best of my knowledge.
1. The first Login with your Facebook profile pages and go to the. Like (www.facebook.com/youprofile)
2 Then press CTRL + U on your keyboard to show the Source Code.
3 From the keyboard again, press CTRL + F to Find in a search box. Loss of text or code in the search below to find out.
4 Then you will see that there is some Facebook ID code in the upper right side of the right can be seen that some of the digits in each of the Facebook ID number. Roughly the town may 160xxxx3619 codes
Apart from the rest of the digits, copy the browser and press enter, then it is exactly the way wright www.facebook.com/160xxxx3619  profile pages to enter the ID. It is given as example. See exactly the same way you would get that ID in your profile.
Thus, there are as many ID number ID can test the latest who has visited your profile page.

3nd way Who has visited my Facebook profile views?

Who has visited my Facebook profile? Who sees more and less than or who? Because Facebook is such an option through which we can make this work. So today you can learn how to make this thing work to make a video tutorial, we’re getting here is very nice. So from now on, so that everyone who visits your Facebook profile, who can find it. So let’s start our mission friends.

All you need to do?
>  First, login to your Facebook account
> then enter your profile page
> Now you can press Ctrl + U on the keyboard together (before the U, then press Ctrl down), you will see a new page will open with the press and there you will see your profile page source code.

4) Now you can press CTRL + F on the keyboard (by pressing the Ctrl and press F) so,… helping hand in a box above the search box, there is a  availableCount  the beginning of the day. Note: You cannot copy anything on the site,  availableCount  Click here to copy this, Karan. Copied from the search box, then search by either the keyboard or the press.

5) Now there  availableCount  this device will soon have several ID numbers with commas. Will initially assume that the higher the has visited your profile, and the latter the second, the third, fourth, etc..

6) Now you may think the name when it appears to do with the ID number? O friends nearby to many of our mission, which you want to know about the place copy of the press and enter your Internet browser http://www.facebook.com/2121321xxx21 cut here, you copy the ID number 123456789012 emphasize the enter press, you will see the man with hitting. Many people do not understand the issue better. Now we’ll see how her video tutorial.

 Who’s viewed your profile can be found in a Visual Analytics and Insights

According Facebook, to make it easier for users to work with their professional identity and professionals manage their presence on social network has been launched this facility reinforces bring. Today, users of the English version of the profile of the new service will be launched Facebook. Users will benefit from the other languages ​​in the future, but just did not have any information about Facebook relaxed.

Facebook profile

“Your profile is viewed before answering ‘facilities have a user how to find your profile, search for keywords by what came out of your profile, if they live in the area and what their job was done, and the company can be seen in such general information.

Facebook is also a new real- Tips has launched a minor in which you will be able to add the information to complete your profile.


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