What is your Facebook ID? Just wait 2-s second

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How to show your Facebook ID.

How to work:

Step 01: Select your facebook URL address from browser bar.
Step 02: Copy URL address and past below text box.
Step 03: Click Lookup numeric ID and show Facebook ID

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What is your Facebook ID

What is your Facebook ID


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Working with windows in Premiere

Three named windows form the main work area in Premiere:

  • The Project window lets you import, organize, and store references to clips. It lists all source clips you import into project, though you don’t have to use every clip you import.
  • The Monitor window includes the Source and Program views. Use the Source view to see an individual video clip and the Program view to see the current state of the video program being edited in the Timeline.
  • The Timeline window provides a schematic view of your program, including all video, audio, and superimposed video tracks. Changes you make appear in the Program view.

How to control PC/Laptop/Computer using voice Command

For a tour of these windows, see Chapter 1, “A Tour of Adobe Premiere.” For more infor­mation about using and customizing the Monitor and Timeline windows, see Chapter 4, “Editing Video.”

The rest of this chapter describes how to use the Project window, bins, libraries, and palettes. Premiere also provides specialized windows for tasks such as capturing video and creating titles; those windows are described with their tasks elsewhere in this user guide.

20+Basic computer tips for Beginners

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