What is odesk

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What is odesk:

oDesk is global online network: World large online job platform website which www.oDesk.com. Where buyer and professional freelancer are independently connect any distantly. Founded: 2003

Anything you can do on a computer—from graphic design to software development—can be done on oDesk. Our freelancers can tackle a wide range of projects.

oDesk Account:

oDeck account create totally free . For freelancing work: programming, web development, graphic design, data entry etc. Any buyer can free open  oDeck account free and hire a freelancer for job.

Before start need what is you are searching for:  Looking Freelancer or Looking a Job

oDesk Jobs Sign up:

oDesk Free  Account for Freelancer:



oDesk Jobs Sign up for a Freelancer

oDesk Free Account for buyer:

oDesk Account_for_buyer

oDesk Account_for_buyer

oDesk Free Account for buyer:

oDesk Payment

Payments to freelancers are painless and stress-free. Start by choosing your preferred payment method:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Bank account

Once the work begins, we’ll bill your account and send a secure payment to your freelancer. No invoices, no paperwork, no worries!
Pay your freelancer per hour or per project, whichever you choose. oDesk only gets paid once work begins. We receive 10% of each payment. For example, if you pay your freelancer $20, they earn $18 and we receive $2. Source

ODesk facilitates transactions between businesses diagrammatical by shoppers and businesses. oDesk isn’t a platform for submitting your schoolwork and searching up your grades. They’re pretty clear that they require the name on the checking account they transfer cash into to match the name of the oDesk account they are transferring cash from.

oDesk Team could be a free desktop application that is your virtual workplace, giving visibility,property, collaboration and warranted payment for hourly work.

odesk data entry jobs:

Data entry is very easy work is total work list. If you unskilled is was very easy to find-out your job today A data entry work is link a typist, is a member of any freelancer to enter or update data into a computer system database or fixed flied.  the Data Entry telecommuting, part-time, and flexible jobs page! Data Entry professionals play an important role in organizations

A writer by education and trade, Austin is proof positive that a business founded on respect for great work—and for the people who do that work— can lead to a happy ending.

oDesk Agency:


How can a few entrepreneurial friends—each doing their own thing—take a leap and launch a digital agency together?

Making such a big change is a lot easier when you already have paying clients and a full pipeline of leads. When it came to getting, our Chicago-based digital marketing agency, off the ground, we already had both—thanks in large part to oDesk. Making-leap-freelancers-digital-agency

Matchnode’s evolution from an idea among friends to a viable business followed these four phases.

Are you an oDesk client or Contractor?Would you like to hire contractors to workfor you?Then an oDesk Agency could be youranswer.How do you open an agency? Business is easier when you already have paying clients and a full pipeline of leads. Thanks to oDesk, digital agency Matchnode had both maker.  Your account is readyYou have started browsing for, applying,and probably getting jobsNow all you need is contractorsQuickly and easily find contractors andsend out invites. How to create a agency – Source 

oDesk Job Hiring

Find freelancers and freelance jobs on oDesk – the world’s largest online workplace where savvy businesses and professional freelancers go to work! Source: 

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