What is HTML? How to work HTML in web development? Part-1

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HTM▬: HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE HTML Is tagging Language for web development and design. Work in create design ang arranging color, text and graphics. HTM or HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE is file formate is .html or .htm.

What is HTML? How to work HTML in web development?

What is HTML? How to work HTML in web development?

HTML History: HTML founded W3C & WHATWG and 1st make public 1993 now latest new version is HTML5. Most popular version is HTML5. It’s so easy to development in web world . HTML is totally open source text basics language.

  • HTML version 1.0 release — > 1991
  • HTML version 1.1 release — > 1993
  • HTML  version 2.0  release — > 2.0    995
  • HTML version 3.2 release — >  3.2 1997
  • HTML version 4.1 release — >  1999
  • XHTML version X release — > 2000
  • HTML5 version 5 release — >  2012-13

How to work: HTML format is text basic with Markup tag. HTML contains many included elements. HTML tags with this start and end condition. and </ html>. If you writing HTML with include you add “tags” to the text in order to create the structure. These tags tell the browser how to display the text or graphics in the document. For example, the following document has a simple layout (structure). Notice there are three major parts: a heading, two paragraphs and a billeted list.

<html> <body>

<p>Web Text Here. by Tipsboss </p>


*Create as( .text) file and open and copy and past above code ↑. And change file extension as ( .html)

HTML very simple element structure is primarily intended for describing the structural elements that appear on hypertext pages. Not the structure of the documents that comprise those pages (it’s too vanilla for that), but the pages themselves. Not the layout of the pages, but the structure.

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