Use Picture Password for Windows 8

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How to use picture password in “Windows -8”:

  • Select or Chick “Control Panel”
  • Choose users
  • Choose your account
  • Click the \”create Picture password\” button
  • Enter your existing positive identification
  • Select an image for the image positive identification
  • Click use this image
  • Choose three points on the image
  • Click those three points once more
  • Click ok
  • Shut instrument panel


>> Open computer settings, and do step two or three below for what Windows eight you have got.
>> In Windows eight or Windows RT, click/tap on Users within the left pane, click/tap on produce an image word within the right pane, and attend step four below.
>> In Windows eight.1 or Windows RT eight.1, click/tap on Accounts on the left aspect.
>> Click/tap on Sign-in choices on the left aspect, click/tap on Add beneath image word on the correct, and attend step four below.
>> sort in your user account’s word, and press Enter or click/tap on OK.
>> Click/tap on opt for an image.
>>Navigate to and choose the folder that contains the image that you just need to use, choose the image by clicking/tapping thereon, then click/tap on the Open button at rock bottom right corner.

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Top right of your PC monitor and the mouse, you will see very shortly after the fall of many of these options in the Settings. Now your job is to click on the settings. Click here to open the window to see her very shortly have written Change PC Settings. Click here Swoop. Users then click on the left side, click Change picture password.

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Windows 8
Click here cables your Windows password. Give your Windows password. Choose picture to the left of the view that there is an option to Oita. Then there are options in the File View and select by clicking on the picture of your choice.
Now, click on the Use this picture as the image given below.

Windows 8 01
He would like to see the left side of the 1 2 3. Now you can click your mouse anywhere on the photo three. Once again the same place when you are finished, click with the mouse to confirm.

Windows 8 02
Come out now by clicking on Finish. Word was passed picture. Your selected image will now appear on the PC. Word was passed by the place that you click on the place must be open on your PC.

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