Understanding GoDaddy Web Hosting – Why It Might Be Right For You

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Before choosing a web hosting company, it’s a good idea to do plenty of research. GoDaddy is one company that you’ll probably want to look at, which is why we’ll be focusing on it in this review. Like every other company out there that provides Web hosting, GoDaddy has pluses and minuses. To be extra sure as to whether or not this review of GoDaddy is accurate, you may want to do your own research just to make sure you should use this company.



When you want reasonably priced hosting that offers lots of different features and extras, GoDaddy is a solid choice. When you look through their website, you will see that they offer all sorts of hosting plans as well as discounts. If you’re just starting out, you can probably get by with their Economy plan, which is only about $5 per month, sometimes even less. If, though, you want unlimited domains, you would be much better served with their Deluxe plan–which only costs a few more dollars per month. One of the nice things about the smaller plans is that they offer some bonuses, like advertising credit with Facebook and search engines like Bing and Google.

Beyond the basic web hosting plans, GoDaddy also offers more advanced options too. One of those options is the cloud hosting, which you need to consider when you want to start a business and have a bunch of control and flexibility over your site. When it comes to cloud service, you can pay as you use it or on a monthly plan. You can also buy a variety of plans for virtual dedicated server hosting. In fact, they offer no fewer than five levels of service, starting at about $30 per month. GoDaddy’s advanced web hosting services are quite reasonable compared to most other companies, so you might want to see what they have to offer if you need an advanced hosting solution for your business.

One of the things about GoDaddy that many people find annoying is the amount of advertising that is on their site at all times. The moment you try to order anything, they try to get you to upgrade and to order other services. The sheer number of discounts, coupons and specials they shove at users can be overwhelming, especially when you are new. So, when you do sign up with GoDaddy, take care to make sure you aren’t accidentally buying things that you don’t actually need. When you reach their checkout, you have to be alert and make sure that you haven’t accidentally ordered something you didn’t mean to order. GoDaddy can be quite aggressive about promoting and up-selling, so you need to stay on guard if you want to do business with them.

In conclusion, the popularity of GoDaddy clearly shows is that they are a web hosting company that has a little something for everyone. Most customers that are with Go Daddy are very happy with them. In fact, regardless of the small amount of complaints against them, most people stick with this astounding company. You should consider the above points and decide for yourself whether they are the web hosting company that will suit your needs.

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