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Travel safety tips: Tour & Travel safety tips for student, family outdoor


Travel safety tips for college students: Safety Tips for college students going abroad from college students who have recently returned (my daughter and her friends) and travel expert, Women Travel Statistics indicate that the number one issue for women travelers is safety. Here are practical safety tips compiled by my college-age daughter and her friends, who have recently returned from, studying abroad; from Florence to Kathmandu to Buenos Aires. Don’t miss the Guy Tips at the end. Text Ref Source


  • Investigate basic information regarding your destination.
  • Put down a copy of your journey detail with a trusted family member or friend.
  • If you would drive, make sure your car is in the good condition.
  • Collect copies of maps of your destination to global position routes, appeal, and necessary services.
  • Consider to join any travelling club for roadside assistance or other travel assistance. Car seat safety tips.


  • Travel with light things.
  • If you need any recommendation regarding medicine, bring sufficient to last you the duration of your tour. Also, if you used to wear glasses, try to bring an extra pair.
  • Try to keep the medicines in their original pot/packet. You also need a prescription from your doctor explaining why you need these medicines.
  • Never pack or carry any prohibited items, such as arms, sharp things, or dangerous stuffs.
  • Never bring huge cash or credit cards. Instead, carry travelers’ check, maximum two credit cards, and only a small amount of hard cash.
  • Never pack valuable things such as a lot of jewelry. Travel safety tips.
  • Make sure that your luggage is tagged with your name and phone number.

travel safety tips for college students


  • Never leave your luggage unattended.
  • Never let anybody other than airport staffs handle your baggage.
  • Never accept any packages or offers from any strangers.
  • Do the report for any distrustful activities.
  • Try to follow all the safety and security rules and instructions.

Travel safety BY ROAD

  • Have on your seat belt in the car.
  • Don’t drink while driving, and don’t ride with any other who is a drunker.
  • Make sure that your kids are in accepted child safety seats.
  • Don’t drive if you feel sleepy.
  • Never use cell phones or other electronic devices while driving.
  • Be careful of the road conditions and your environment.
  • Park in well-traveled areas.
  • Keep the doors locked of your car.
  • Don’t place your luggage or other valuable things in a place where criminals can simply see them. Travel safety tips.
  • If you are in trouble with your car then only take help from police or other authorized people.

Safety Tips for Traveling Alone

Regularly let individuals apprehend wherever you are going. — as well as friends and family back home and your boniface or building caretaker. once traveling alone into parcel or geographical area, perpetually let somebody apprehend. once you expect to come back yet as your actual route — and so continue it.

Stash cash, Credit Cards and Passport in Separate Places
Keep some cash and credit cards in your billfold or purse, and extra cash and cards in a very pocket or cash pouch. once look, carry solely a replica of your passport’s information page, keeping your passport bolted in your building safe. (It’s conjointly sensible to go away a replica of the information page with somebody reception.) On travel days, carry your passport singly from your cash, and credit cards. Safety Tips for Traveling Alone. Travel safety tips.

Tips for travelers could save your life

Even throughout on the face of it harmless things, travelers got to be what security professionals describe as “situationally aware.”

“Situational awareness is that the foundation of non-public security,” says Henry M. Robert Siciliano, a private security knowledgeable and therefore the author of “The Safety Minute.” tips for travelers could save your life

The need to keep up situational awareness extends, to each minute you are on vacation — whether or not you’re walking down a street, riding a bus or searching in a very huddled market, Siciliano says.

Travel safety tips

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