Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

The TipsBoss.com is the totally online free tips service. This site’s total visor are different countries,  different national so if you get and publish any fault and wrong information please inform us free and friendly or If you heard or feel bad after read our tips please give your suggestion this link. We will try quick correction by your suggestion. Also you can give your feedback this link. We are try always publish unique post or constant TipsBoss.com. Some time we use for reference or example with few other article site or page.

Here some condition for User:

1) If you a member or user this site please use unique content.
2) If you use any web link use < a > link must use target=”_blank”
3) Image size for post under 100kb.
4) Every post must Set Featured Image for good looking.

 Why we disallow a post :

1) If use common or COPY PAST content. Every post We are check online tools
2) If you use any web link use < a > link must use target=”_blank”
3) Image size for post under 100kb.

Please give your suggestion for improve in future Contact Us.

Thank you for visit our webpage.

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Submit Tips for gust :

We are publishing your tips or any business service details unique* post. We are accepting  you website link & post related image as a back linker.

   We Are accept:

  • Post Title Maximum 100 character
  • Unique post details Minimum 250 word and Maximum 500 word.
  • Your website link and reference. Your any link must use target=”_blank”
  •  Post related Image size under 240kb, square & jpg/png/gif  (as like your Family photo)

   Don’t allow:

    • Don’t copy-past any sentence others website for your post. (We are check online tools)
    • For image not allow – adult, or very common image.

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