Red Moon or Blood Moon

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Wednesday, 8 October, 2014. Bangladesh during the approximately 40 minutes of the moon above the horizon runs 5pm-6pm 3 minutes after the start of the umbra and penumbra eclipse phase will last for 7 to 33 minutes. Will decrease as the light, the moon will be clearer. He always brings the moon as blood. In particular, the earth’s shadow on the Moon during sunset contains the red color.

Why Red Moon or Blood Moon?
Blood moon in the night sky can be seen today. Because, the Earth’s shadow completely swallowed the moon. Visible lunar eclipse can be seen in full from America and Asia.

red moon blood moon)

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This phase of the moon has many names ‘Blood Moon’, ‘blood moon’ or ‘Red Moon’.

This will start taking on Bangladesh at the time of the Moon (8 GMT). 425 sometime just before sunrise until noon (1025 GMT) this will end.

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