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Personal information data protection:

Many data and information stored on a computer is personal and needs to be kept confidential. People want to keep their pay, bank details, and medical records private and away from the view of just anybody. If someone who is not entitled to see these details can obtain access without permission it is unauthorized access. The Data Protection Act sets up rules to prevent this happening. BBC Ref-1

What is Personal data:

Personal data is information that relates to a living individual who can be either.



Identified from that data or can be identified from the information combined with any other information that is in the possession of the person or organization holding the information.
Basic personal data includes name, address, date of birth, telephone numbers, and bank account details.  Ref-2

Personal Data security Tips:

Total internet system changing our living limitless. We are enjoying many ways but here has some unscrupulous or bad site. When we using our personal dada or information keep up below step:

  • At all times use the internet with firewall.
  • Avoid sing-up any website when it’s free or get bonus.
  • Don’t use p-public/ open Wi-Fi network.
  • When restive emails from unknown person void is and don’t open attachments
  • Keep always your secure wireless or Wi-Fi network.
  • Use waste for sensitive papers.
  • Protect all internet browser in contradiction of virus.
  • Void your smartphone unnecessary apps using email address, address books and others sensitive data.
  • Clean and delete “temp” and “cookies” files.
  • Don’t install unnecessary app or software use potential.
  • Always update password for personal computer business email.
  • Don’t over share your peroneal information and business plane in social media.
  • If need use personal data think many time: why they need it? Hoe it will use> what
  • is problem not share phone number yet.. etc.
  • Ready trams and condition carefully before sharing or putting personal data.

Business Sensitive Data Security tips:

Etch business has sensitive data, including financial history, employee personal information (phone number, mail address), or consumer credit card details. Make sure you know where this information is stored, whether on PC, laptops, or servers, and that adequate protection exists at each level. This care very seriously.
Take care always who has access and avid give anyone also IT administrator, blanket access to all data with no oversight. Keep records about who uses data as well when they use it. Limiting access also helps prevent unintended disclosure of information by employees using social media sites or personal mobile devices. Ref-3

How to keep data safe:

Data security is about keeping data safe. Many individuals, small businesses and major companies rely heavily on their computer systems.

  • Making regular backups of files (backup copies should be stored in fireproof safes or in another building)
  • Protecting yourself against viruses by running anti-virus software
  • Using a system of passwords so that access to data is restricted
  • Safe storage of important files stored on removable disks, eg locked away in a fireproof and waterproof safe
  • Allowing only authorized staff into certain computer areas, eg by controlling entry to these areas by means of ID cards or magnetic swipe cards
  • Always logging off or turning terminals off and if possible locking them
  • Avoiding accidental deletion of files by write-protecting disks
  • Using data encryption techniques to code data so that it makes no apparent sens Source Ref-4

Data Protect Law or Act Works:

The year 1998 Act covers information or data stored on a computer or an organised paper filing system about living people. The roles of those involved

  1. The Information Commissioner is the person (and his/her office) who has powers to enforce the Act.
  2. A data controller is a person or company that collects and keeps data about people.
  3. A data subject is someone who has data about them stored somewhere, outside of their direct control. For example, a bank stores its customers’ names, addresses and phone numbers. This makes us all data subjects as there can be few people in the UK who do not feature in computer records somewhere. Ref-3

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