How to find IMEI number and Tracking a Mobile

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IMEI manning is: International Mobile Station Equipment Identity

Unique number to identify mobile devices.

IMEI number (14 Digit) is basically mobile set Identity. Every mobile has an IMEI number. IMEI use Global System for Mobile network. A mobile network search for accessing with IMEI number. IEMI number creating connection between mobile network and SIM (Subscriber identity module).

How to find IMEI number from your phone:

How to find IMEI number and Tracking a Mobile

How to find IMEI number and Tracking a Mobile

> You can get IMEI number on your mobile screen.

Just Type :  *#06# 

It will show you IMEI number in your screen.

> IMEI number find your phone body with label on the phones back under the battery.

How to Tracking a Mobile Phone Using an IMEI Number. For check now IMEI:

For IMEI number of iPhone and iPad

Tap Settings. This will open up the Settings window where you can set and see all your preferences. For check now IMEI iPhone and iPad:

Imei Number Definition or Meaning

  • Origin
  • model
  • Serial number of the mobile device

Example a IEMI number:

The first set of numbers is the type approval code (TAC). The first two digits represent the country code. The rest make up the final assembly code. The second group of numbers identifies the manufacturer:
01 and 02 = AEG
07 and 40 = Motorola
10 and 20 = Nokia
41and 44 = Siemens
51= Sony, Siemens, Ericsson



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