Horse Racing tips

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Horse racing is a riding sport which is popular with the aristocrats and royalty of British society called it as sport of kings. It is said that horse racing occurred in ancient Greece, Babylon, Seria and Egypt. There are different types of horse racing which vary widely in format. Each country have their own horse racing traditions. These variations are as follows.


# Running over obstacles.

# Races to particular breeds

Horse Racing tips

Horse Racing tips

# Running over different distances

# Running on different track surfaces

# And running in different gaits.

Horse Racing tips

Types of horse racing:

  1. Horses gallop directly between two points around a straight or an oval track is called flat racing. It is seen commonly world wide racing. Usually flat racing tracks are typically oval in shapes. Generally level track surfaces vary with turf. Now days we found newly designed senthetic surfaces such as polytrack and tapeta.
  2. Where horses race over obstacles is called jump racing. Usually horses progress to bigger obstacles and longer distances as they get older. European horse would tend to start with national hunt flat races as a Juvenile.
  3. Where horses trot or pace while pulling a driver sulky is called hamess racing.
  4. Where horses travel accross country iver a long distances is called endurance racing. The length of an endurance race differs vastly which could vary from ten miles to hundred miles. Even we found there are few races which could over even four hundred miles in multiple days as each race is very long.


To make a racing horse we should consider the below things which contribute to a horse’s performance.

* Race length

* Genetics

* Training

* Age

* Scallytal soundness.

Initially exercise is appropriate for two years old racing horses. Their scalital systems get full maturity when the horse is at least four years old. Immature racing horses often suffer different types of injuries.

In most of the horse races we found that there is glambing station where glambers could stake money on the horses. But glambing on horses is strictly prohibited at some races. Besides a horse race could be the dangerous for both horse and jockey. When a horse stumbles and falls jumping an obstacle, exposing both jockey and horse being trampled and injured.


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