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Grameen Bank Founded 1983 in Bangladesh area. Founder’e Name is “Muhammad Yunus”. There main target is micro finance. Grameen Bank main Website is  Grameen Bank developed the principles of the village people. There another program was “Village Phone program”. Received maximum government award in 1994. Professor Muhammad Yunus is Head of the Rural Economics Program at the University  of Chittagong.



Grameen bank

Grameen bank What We Do

  •     Financial Services
  •     Health
  •     Agriculture
  •     Tools for Organizations

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Grameen bank Where We Work

  •     Americas
  •     Asia
  •     Middle East & North Africa
  •     Sub-Saharan Africa

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Our group, guided by our value and our Grameen legacy, are keen to our mission of helping the poor, above all the poorest, create a world without poverty. Grameen Foundation recruits those with whom we can build strong, jointly helpful and lasting dealings.

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