Germany and Argentina Live | FRIENDLY Match 04th September 2014

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Just 50 days after the World Cup final against Brazil, Germany and Argentina again. 13 July night was willing to pour out everything to win the football team, so the air was the smell of powder. Today, living in the middle of the mix of melody harmony. The big news is not even the angels of the injured Lionel Messi.

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Decline after the World Cup to the torch out of 016 euros, kettle, which is going to be started on Sunday with qualifying matches. Germany Euro qualifying matches against Scotland on Sunday, the same day, more than 14 teams in Europe in the first qualifying round ballers’ match date. England,  Switzerland, will start on Monday against the euro, the path field. Taken away from the first phase of the World Cup, England’s coach Roy of 016 gave the message of hope around.


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Messi in Argentina, despite the attraction of the viewers did not ebb. After many days at home because of the time that the Germans will take the World Cup! Monday Die ‘had appeared in 45 of the people I see practice match on We Wednesdayl were sold. lessfierce German Manueleitherclears the wall, ‘I do not think it will be easier for us to do. “Playing like a great start for Argentina in the qualifiers for Euro Germans think is important to Bayern Munich goalkeeper will play Sunday like us to Argentina to of the whole team on him. Argentina squad alternated ringing tone, after the coach Gerardo Alejandro ‘ Tatar’ Martino. Messi not getting injured in the first. Because it is not doing much leg friendly match Barcelona’s former coach, is not the fruit. There is a harmony in the group, it’s important.  AFP

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