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Freelancer is a space trading and combat simulation video game developed by Digital Anvil and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It is a chronological sequel to Digital Anvil’s Starlancer, a combat flight simulator released in 2000. The game was initially announced by Chris Roberts in 1999, and following many production schedule mishaps and a buyout of Digital Anvil by Microsoft, it was eventually released in March 2003.

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Freelancer features a multiplayer mode, allowing up to 128 players to play together in a game.[10] Multiplayer games are hosted on game servers; personal computers that meet the requirements for the game can act as a server. Gameplay is similar to the single-player mode, but is absent of story-driven quests. Because the server keeps individual records of the players’ progress, they can resume their game when they next log on to it. A persistent virtual galaxy is thus maintained for them (1).

All of these small entrepreneurs themselves to the global economy and reduce business costs. Or profit can be expected. Starting from this idea, and freelancing marketplace. This is not a new issue. In the beginning of 1988 start organizations and businesses with the best reputation is sustained by some freelancing to rewind the new. In this article we will cover a brief history of the freelancing marketplace.

The first Guru of the freelancing marketplace dot com. Which began in 1998 as Later at 000 dot com is A2ZMoonlighter it. 003 and 004 toward the purchase of the domain name to transfers to everything. founder and CEO of the Indian-born American citizen In 008 “Ernst & Young regional entrepreneur of the year” awards won. 00 Moreover, since the total eight

Elance is 4 in July 1999. Co-founder of the brazenly. Elance’s site naming has a fun event. Many people have described it as stolen. The title of an article written by Professor professor Thomas Malone’s name was taken from the right of which was written in the previous year. 1. million shares Elance gigs soon. They started in a rented flat in New York’s success. They are hoping to raise the capital to start their activities in Silicon Valley. They are the head of L. John a glorious two weeks with big investors to invest USD 1 million in the deal. March 01 was set up in a total investment of 60 million dollars into the company.

Another prasiddha freelance marketplace started in 1999, which is now extinct. Freeagent starts 4 July 1999, the company name dot com. Starts exactly on Elance. Within three months, they increased their capital by USD 40 million within a year and it is becoming a reputable Marketplace. Microsoft, , despite the support of big organizations like dot com did not sustain. In 005 it was bilina than any forecast.

Marketplace at 004 until all the company wanted to come or has come to show their customers a solid foundation. Because of the turmoil in the freelance marketplace. These are the companies that were in the market during these oDesk, Get a Freelancer (currently only Freelancer), GetACoder. After the commercial success of the company to have a tough time at earned.

oDesk is the founder of the Greek students. Freelance Marketplace for new one who gives birth to the concept. And it works the Hourly and Hourly Payment whom we speak. Because of the short time to gain widespread popularity and authenticated. Silicon Valley was started oDesk. Increased its capital to $ 6 million in 006 authenticated. Sigma Partners Venture Capital in supplies. Desk capital is also associated with an additional 15 million U.S. dollars in 008. And then reached oDesk Marketplace II. Lifetime billing system is still at the top of the Elance.

When oDesk was going on in full swing ‘Innovate IT’, a Swedish company that started their activities as GetAFreelancer dot com. It was a little slow, but with a strength of unthanata. It made perfect in the 005-009’s. 009 changed its name in March, is called Freelancer dot com. Freelancer Marketing strategies of successful dot com. What was his strategy? They entered the contest in the freelancer for almost 100,000 dollars to rewards. October to March, from 009 to 010 Logo Design Contest was to compete in this series, Logo Contest, T-shirt designs and the most recent API Programming Contest. Above 1.5 million freelancers to work on a regular basis.

Another marketplace has come recently. Which was launched in 007. People Per Hour (PPH) the name of the founder of the Marketplace Graduate University at the beginning of the Cambrian Greek entrepreneurs have been able to collect a large amount of capital. PPH’s goals with little exception. One of them, and skilled freelancers. In the Market for the efficient. So there is much more to the job rate of the other Marketplace. At its founding PPH said, I think it is an excellent marketplace for skilled and professional freelancers.

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