Earthquake safety tips

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Emergency stuffs and calamity plan are vital.

Earthquake is not a regular incidence. Yet, it could be very troublesome because it occurs suddenly and tend to affect great areas. Earthquake could be a one-time event of a few seconds trembling or a series of events of unreliable duration.

As earthquake happens without notice, being prepared in advance is decisive to minimize damages and loss. Consider these earthquake safety tips could be as follows:

earthquake safety tips

earthquake safety tips

What to do before an earthquake

  • Be aware of your risk. Examine the area and find out if you live near a lively fault line whether or not the free space around you is more vulnerable to the special effects of an earthquake.
  • Retrofit and emphasize your house. If you’re in a soaring risk area, take steps to support your house. Secure your house to the base and reinforce support beams as desired. Safe any furniture such as bookshelves and cupboards to the walls to reduce risk of falling over during an earthquake. Protect the cabinet doors to help to keep dishes and other insides from falling out.
  • Build a calamity plan to protect yourself and your family.
  • Place together all the emergency equipments. Your stuff should include food, drinking water, first aid equipment, flashlights, site supplies such as oven, battery-powered lantern, etc., additional batteries, blankets and any personal items you may need.

What to do during an earthquake

  • Live away from windows and furniture that could fall over on you. One of the biggest dangers during an earthquake is falling trash and fittings. Try to avoid those areas in your house where you might be exposed to these dangers.
  • Take shelter in a safe place in your house like under a strong table or desk to avoid being strike by anything.
  • Do not go outside till the shaking stops.

After an Earthquake

  • Make sure your gas lines have no leaks.
  • Check your electrical wiring whether it is damaged or not. Turn off the power if you can see spoiled wiring in your house.
  • Wearing shoes is a must as there could have broken glass or leakage of chemicals on the floor of your house due to the earthquake.

Earthquake safety tips

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