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Children’s mental health tips

Child good mental and emotional health most important for help to develop growing. They essentials unconditional love from parent and other family members. Children mental health depend behave of parents, inventors, teachers, and others family members. Kids and the internet: The Internet can be a wonderful store for kids where they can research their school reports, ( Keeping children safe online– Cyber Safety Tips for Student, Kids & Adults ) correspond with teachers and other kids and also can play interactive games. Children who are older enough to swipe a internet screen can have access to the whole world. keeping children safe online

Development of mental health, mental health resources

Development of mental health, mental health resources

More or less people are thinking that children are passing lot of free time and feel that leisure time should be use to do their schoolwork. Education is the backbone of nation and one of the most important facets of a child. Schooling time need more study and maintained usual home work like a student as well step for exam preparation. Parents or guardian should make their children mind towards education and care his a effective way lead to positive attitude. But I disagree that, the children must spend their free time to do academic work.

Home safety checklist for safety: For home fire safety alert some think like cooking area, use open candles, heating, any place smoking, electrical, also help earthquake safety You can store any valuable Martials children’s room untouched area because, Thieves always target to master bedroom. Setting a smoke alarm and check it regularly. Don’t smoke in bed and children play place for . Keep a plan for fire action and share every house person. Fitting main box in button side of main door, as a result easier to kick in entering time for reaming and many mail protect for dust.

NASP Resources National Association of School Psychologists Report as:

Create a sense of belonging. Feeling connected and welcomed is essential to children’s positive adjustment, self-identification, and sense of trust in others and themselves. Building strong, positive relationships among students, school staff, and parents is important to promoting mental wellness.

Promote resilience. Adversity is a natural part of life and being resilient is important to overcoming challenges and good mental health. Connectedness, competency, helping others, and successfully facing difficult situations can foster resilience.

Develop competencies. Children need to know that they can overcome challenges and accomplish goals through their actions. Achieving academic success and developing individual talents and interests helps children feel competent and more able to deal with stress positively. Social competency is also important. Having friends and staying connected to friends and loved ones can enhance mental wellness. Ref-1

Children can utilize free time many ways such as watch movies or cartoon, read stories or comic’s books, play open ground and use a way that can enjoy activities as well as learn new things. Open filed games like cricket, football tennis keep children physically and mentally fit. There are multiple advantages of giving leisure time to children for their activities.
Dynamically teach a child different social activates and they understand how to behave with other or dissimilar cultures rules. Childe partially feel that innovation what us right or wrong. Open ground game makeup physically weakness as a result they solve task easily and give effort towards study perfect. Also others game, even, stories books and watch tele provide general knowledge.
Although some parents feel the children to focus on school study in other activate. My opinion that children have to essential in the other activities which they enjoy the most non study time.

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